How To Get Better Results

#51 Start the process of a mastermind group

Pause. Take some seconds, breath, and look around you. Do it now.




Hey, you’re back. Did you notice something?

You’re alive. Around you is a world full of abundance. There’s both natural things and made man things. Thanks to our imagination and actions we’ve created some outstanding things.

We humans are lucky. We’re born with imagination, which gives us the ability to create mental pictures/movies. The choice we have is to either let it remain in our mind, or make the mental pictures become reality.

The question is, how can we seize our imagination and make the most out of it? Today I decided to take a big step in order to make my visions become reality.

The challenge

When you have your visions and dreams kept to yourself, you can wait & procrastinate. Because no one expects something from you. The sad thing is that the longer you postpone it, the less chance it is of you ever doing it.

If you want to create the scenario you want, then you can do something I started today. The process of a mastermind group.

“Mastermind groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. A mastermind group helps you and your mastermind group members achieve success.”

Social pressure

Once you start to tell your visions to other people, the eagerness of you going for it increases. Our fear of not getting accepted is strong. Because our survival instincts want us to get accepted by other people.

My experience says you can use this fear in your favor, here’s how you can do it: Create a mastermind group.

In a mastermind group, you meet some people maybe 1–3 times/month. Together you share your visions, plan to actions, as well feedback to each other.

Just think about the pain of setting weekly goals, not doing it and then tell your peer group about it each time. You will most likely feel embarrassed, and soon enough change the pattern.

How to find the right people

You have to ask yourself, what type of people will give the biggest return on investment? As well, it’s important you feel the vibe with each other. Because the group is going to encounter many difficulties.

For example, you can start a mastermind group with your friends. Or start to search for new people at different events. Do what feels right for you.

In a group like this, you’re going to talk a lot about insecurities and secrets. This type of group will help each attendant grow, and achieve something they have in mind. All success brings some sense of pain. You should be comfortable to share your difficulties with the group.

The fear and excitement

What I’m about to do is scary and exciting. Because this means a lot more pressure will get put on me. Because I have to give reports to the mastermind group about my results, and get feedback.

The most exciting thing is that this will most likely give me better results. By getting feedback from the mastermind group my actions will become better & sharper. This is going to be a hell of a ride.

How you can apply what I learned

  1. Think about how you can start to get around the people you would like to hang out with. Our environment has a great impact on us, and it will transform us. We can choose to let the transformation happen by chance, or we can custom made it. You choose.

How we decide to take action on our imagination is up to us. We can choose to be mediocre, or we can choose to do the difficult path. There’s no right or wrong. If you live in a democratic society, then you will most likely have the option to choose what path to walk on. Always do what feels right for you, otherwise, you will regret it someday. Make something happen today, good luck.