How To Make More Connections

#322 Use the five-second rule & speak about relations & business

When good opportunities show up, many people will hesitate for a while. And eventually, accept the challenge. Here’s your chance to get more opportunities.

Meanwhile, a lot of people think about if they dare or not, you can just accept the challenge. This will make you look strong, as well, you will get a lot more done.

Today at the Sales Academy, we were having a speech session by the students. The teacher asked whom of us that would like to perform a speech first.

I could see how some people felt resistance, yet, they were about to say ‘yes’. What I did was to quickly say ‘yes’, and then I made it happen.

What I did was to perform in beginning, which made my mind sharper. Otherwise, I would have possibly wait for my turn for hours, which would decrease my energy levels.

The speech

During the speech, I spoke about how to improve your network and the importance of it. As well, what I’ve done to get an incredible network, and how I’ve learned from mentors.

One of the persons who’ve made a big difference has been Keith Ferrazzi. With his book ‘Never eat alone’, I’ve been able to create a lot more relationships & business deals.

Identify the people in your industries who always seem to be out in front, and use all the relationship skills you’ve acquired to connect with them. Take them to lunch. Read their newsletters. In fact, read everything you can. Online, there are hundreds of individuals distilling information, analyzing it, and making prognos-tications. These armchair analysts are the eyes and ears of innovation. Now get online and read, read, read. Subscribe to magazines, buy books, and talk to the smartest people you can find. Eventually, all this knowledge will build on itself, and you’ll start making connections others aren’t. — Keith Ferrazzi

Your challenge

Identify the people you want to be around and your strategy for making it happen. Start to acquire the right knowledge as the quote above says, and start to make connections. Pick up the phone.

Originally published at Johan Rosén.

Day 322 of 365 days doing something scary/thrilling/exciting

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