Important Conversations

#255 Have an important development discussion

What makes you feel rich in life? Is it health? Money? Or perhaps relationships? In order to feel rich, my intuition tells me that you should find out what makes you feel that way.

Everything I wrote above makes me feel wealthy. However, the number one motivator for me is relationships. It makes me happy, grateful and rich in life.

Once I found out my true motivator. Everything in life become much clearer. Every goal of mine became easier to accomplish because I understood what I did it all for. What motivates you?


Relations is why I love sales. It allows me to take what I love the most, and make a career out of it. To communicate with people makes me excited.

In January I took one of the most impactful steps in my life. I began my journey on Arndt’s Sales Academy. Many people would say it’s the best Sales academy in the world.

The schedule is very intense and we study/work 10–12 hours each day. Plus all the work we do on our free time, in order to become great.

To anyone who wants to become great in sales, I can recommend this academy. Right now it’s based in Sweden, but it’s going international soon.

Development Discussion

Today had I the first talk about my progress this far. It was a bit nerve-wracking the minutes before, as it can be when you’re waiting for important feedback.

Their feedback gives a picture of how they see me and what kind of doors they will open up for me in the future.

Once I sat in the chair in front of one of the leaders, I took a deep breath and listened. What was she going to say?

She told me they were very happy with my results this far. I got a big smile. All my hard work from the last months has paid off.

Now it’s two months left to go, and then I’m ready to take the next step in my career.

Your challenge

What is your next step in your career? Write down on paper the situation and how you’re going to get there. You have the power within you, as Tony Robbins says.


Learn more about the program which changed my life 1.5 years ago. It made me take the steps which eventually became this blog.

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Thank you :)