Improve Your Social Life

#289 Expand my network by calling successful entrepreneurs

Why do some people make it? How are some people able to create incredible results?

Many people know the answers, yet they do not take action on it. Most often the answers are outside the comfort zone.

If you dare to take action on new patterns, you will realize that you’re able to get incredible results as well. You can create the life you want to live.


Some years ago I realized the power of social circle. Once you know the right people, you will be able to create bigger and better deals.

As well, when you hang around people with a lot of success. You will start to act as them, you will start to speak, dress and act as they do. All the sudden, you’re getting great results as well.

Improve your network

A while ago I began to make research about how successful people make their social circles.

With time, I began to get better and better results. After some months I began to live a funny and exciting life. I got to see life from the perspective of people who are happy and excited. The ones who see opportunities and feel thankfulness for each day.


How can you make your networking more effective? It’s easy to write to someone, however, to call someone is the next step. Many people are afraid to call and ask for a mentor’s time. The rejection can hurt.

Today I wrote to successful entrepreneurs on LinkedIn who I want to have in my network. I asked for a phone call, and many people accepted the request.

This meant that I got a lot of quality calls, where we shared knowledge and started to build on deals.

The moment before

Before you hit the call button, you can feel a bit nervous. Especially if you’re going to call someone you really want to connect with. It’s what I felt today, however, I pushed through and made the calls. To action is my favorite way of crushing fears.

Your challenge

Write down what kind of network you want to have in your life. Start to write a plan for how to get these people in your life, and start to take action.