Is It Time To Upload Your First YouTube Video?

#199 Make a sales pitch on video for a YouTube channel

To make yourself sit down and write every day makes your mind change in many ways. One of the biggest changes is the quickness of creating new sentences.

Today I had a time limit on 30 minutes to create a sales pitch and record it with a good camera.

The purpose of this video is to increase my network on LinkedIn and get in contact with future partners.

The video

To record yourself feels weird in the beginning. Someone once told me the first two weeks of speaking to a camera feels weird, and after a while, it starts to feel normal.

When the video gets released I will share it in an article!

Your video

If you would share your first video on YouTube, what would you do? If you decide to go outside your comfort zone and make one. Please leave a link in the comment section below, or send me an e-mail with it. Try it out!