Love Around The Corner?

#5 Go On A Date


Everyday has the potential of being beautiful. Let me guess, today you maybe walked on the street, and you saw your beautiful soul mate? No? I thought so.

In today’s society we got a great abundance of romantic movies and books. This can make us delusional about the topic of “Love”.

How do I know this? I lived in that type of reality for far too long, and it lead me nowhere. A month ago I decided to change, and I started to ask people out for dates.

“But back to dating. Here’s what I’ve learned: you need to enjoy another person so much that you want to be around that person as much as you’re around yourself. That sounds crazy, almost like a potential death wish. Most people can barely handle being around themselves 24/7, let alone another living, breathing human being. But when you find someone who makes all of that seem completely sane, you’ve got a keeper”. — Connor Franta

The Date Thing

If you go for dates with the mindset of the quote above, then you’re pretty lucky if you get it right the first time.

If you see someone interesting/beautiful, then do yourself a favor and take contact with that person. The worst thing that can happen is a ‘No’, and the best thing is presumably a keeper!

On the date, just do something fun or casual as talking over a cup of coffee. The purpose with the date is to get to know each other. All the other stuff is up to your creative mind.

How You Can Apply What I Learnt

  1. Don’t have any expectations. Just do it for fun, and see what happens!
  2. The fear will always be there, it’s what makes it great! The more times you do the ‘date thing’, the less fear you will feel.
  3. Do some research about dating for 1–3 hours, then begin to take action.
  4. You will feel pretty damn good with all these endorphin’s.

Test it out for yourself, and see what happens!

And if you would like to know, today’s date went great :).

What thrilling action are you going to make today?

Originally published at Johan Rosén.

Day 5 of 365 days doing something scary/thrilling/exciting.

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