Love Makes Us Stronger

#110 Be the best man and toastmaster

In the first days of my 365-day challenge, I got a request. My brother asked if I wanted to be his best man and toastmaster. I felt very honored and scared. It’s a big challenge with much responsibility.

It felt like life gave me challenges as soon as I began with my one year challenge. I said yes to the request because it felt right in every way possible.

The days have gone by, and over hundred years later the event is here. It’s time to take action on the biggest challenge this far.

The wedding

Love is beautiful, and it’s the finest thing we humans have. It makes us stronger, and it makes us go through a lot.

Once you find love, your life changes in ways you never knew was possible. You begin to see life through new lenses, and you become more sensitive to feelings.

Today I made the part as a best man and toastmaster. It felt incredible to help out to make this day beautiful for the bridal couple.


To stand in front of a lot of people makes most people nervous. It will always be scary, but with training and time, you will get more used to it. Experiences like this make your courage grow, as well you as a person.


The sooner you realize the big impact of the people around you, the sooner you will become the person you want to be. The sum of your closest friends you will become.

If you want to grow and gain strength you need support from people. With their encouragement, you will take bolder actions.

The biggest challenge

Now this day has gone by. The biggest day so far on my 365-day challenge is over, and I made it. It feels incredible to see how far I’ve come on this journey. How much I’ve grown thanks to all the support and action taking. Once you take bolder actions your lifestyle will change.


What types of scary or difficult decisions are you waiting to execute on? We all have these kinds of actions we’ve not taken yet, but we know we should. In the end, you need to make a decision and stay with it. This will create your destiny.

With the responsibility of day, I grow in many different ways. It made me understand more about how weddings work in the background. This got me excited about learning more about how to create events. Who knows where this experience will take me.

Today’s experience made me realize the power of love. Some of us will find it early, others will find it later. I wish everybody got to experience real love. It changes everything.