Pack The Bags And Move

#61 Move to another place

Some days comes with major decisions. What these actions looks like differs according to our current comfort zone. For some it’s to call a beautiful girl, for others it’s to create a billion dollar deal. We’re all different.

When an event like this shows up we have two choices. Either we choose to keep the old habits and ‘stay safe’. Or we choose the new path, which means new kinds of results.

Today I took a big decision. I packed my bags, moved to another place here in Stockholm. This means a new kind of life. We all need change sometimes.

Major changes

Some days in our lives we stand at a crossroad. Whatever choice we take will influence our life in some way, and we need to live with the consequences.

What it means to be an adult is to take actions, and be accountable for the results. My intuition says this mindset is healthy. It makes us more mindful of the actions we take in our lives.

Have you moved yet?

One of the most important steps in order to grow up, is to get away from your own family. You need to earn your own money and learn how to survive in this big world.

The experience from moving away will be hard, but exciting. It will make your thin thicker, as well give you important life lessons in order to grow into an adult.


All these daily challenges and blogging have made me more confident. It gives me the courage to do more, also a trust in myself that I will show up. I wish more people would do 30,60,90,180, or 365-day challenges. It makes you grow, as well it gives your readers a lot of value.

How you can apply what I learned

  1. If you’re procrastinating on a major decision, then begin to take some kind of action. Begin with small steps, then increase the type of action. In the end, you’ve most likely created the scenario you wanted to happen.

Actions breed more action. Once you begin to take small steps, you will begin to build up condition. You will soon enough be able to take bigger steps. When you find yourself stuck, just do something. Action makes the world go round, make something happen today. Thanks for reading :)