Patience As A Tactic

#164 Make a call and sign up for an informational meeting

In a world with instant gratification and rewards, it’s easy to become impatient. You start things, and as soon as feel too much resistance you stop. There must be something easier to do right?

On YouTube, you get reminded of this daily. You get to see ‘overnight success’ all the time, and you begin to think ‘is this the normal pattern’? My intuition says patience and work are the normal patterns for bigger results.

Stay with it

If you dare to stay with something for a while, you will notice something. Most people who do the same thing as you will give up.

“If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.” — Sun Tzu

If you have enough patience to stay with your thing, then more and more people will take notice of you. Your ‘competitors’ will give up, and you will still be there.

Make a call

Today I decided to make a call and sign up for an informational meeting tomorrow. They’re going to talk about an educational program. It includes sales, business building, and personal development.

If I find this program to be something of value, I will perhaps sign up for it. With it comes the patience to study, and increase my chances to create a better career.


It’s difficult to stay patience when you see other people around you succeed. You want to make it happen as well, but you need to wait. With enough action and time, you will perhaps make it as well.

There’re no guarantees in life and the best you can do is to optimize your life each day. Make this day count, by taking action with more precision.