See The Change In Firsthand

#69 Take a day for myself & my projects

Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about change and the power of action. But, do we actually like change? Is it something to strive for?

Most of us tell others we like change, but often we’re talking about the results. Not the new habits we’ll need to create.

We’re not talking about the change in habits & lifestyle. We’re not talking about how you need to sit up late at night to write articles. Or how you need to live at minimum wage in order to create your own brand.

These kind of things are very real. And few of us are talking about what entrepreneurship actually looks like. Changes are sometimes difficult, but it gives a lot of faith as well. We have faith in what type of future we’re creating.

Some of us are crazy enough to enjoy every bit of the ride. We love the feeling to be at a low point because it motivates the shit out of us. We LOVE to feel the pain of living low because we know it will help us once we get up. We will forever appreciate the small things.


Sometimes it’s important to sit down in solitude, and look around you. Where are you in your life? Are you heading in the right direction? Are you actually doing the type of work you should be doing?

Today I needed this day. I sat down with my mind, computer, paper & pen. The core for getting your thoughts out.


It’s funny how we say we like change, yet we panic once the change happen. For example when a company like Instagram changed its logo, a lot of people panicked.

It would not have mattered how the logo would look like. It could have even been ‘the critiques’ favorite color & shape. Yet some of the followers would hate it anyhow. Our brain’s lazy, and when it need to change it fights for a while. Until it realizes it needs to change.


I love how I can experiment in firsthand with my brain & mind. To see how it changes with new habits etc. For example, I can finally feel how my writing habits start to kick in. It does not feel difficult to write anymore, yet it’s a lot of work left until I’m the writer I want to be.

The interesting part is how I can feel my mind shift 30–60 minutes before I sit down for my writing session. It’s like muscle memory which knows what’s waiting & the muscles starts to prepare.

When it happens I can feel how my mind starts to race with different sentences & ideas. It’s not the case during the other hours during the day. If so, I need to make an active choice to get creative. What I’m talking about is something habitual, which came through hardship & perseverance.

When we begin to observe we begin to understand more.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. — Leo Tolstoy

Enjoyment in change

If it’s going to get possible to enjoy change, then we have to get real with how the process looks like. And it’s different for all of us.

Once we get more self-aware we can create change which will stand. Otherwise, the feeling of giving up can become too strong, and we all know how it feels.

We get excited for some days/weeks with the change and then we give up. We did not prepare for the hardship. We did not get real with ourselves. It happens at the beginning of every year. How many have actually succeeded with a New Years Resolution?

Once we find what enjoys us with change, and why we’re doing it then it can become realistic. For me, it’s about the process, the appreciation & the results. I like to see how small actions begin to build into something strong. It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill. With time it may get gigantic. Make sure to choose the right snowball.


To sit down in solitude and get in touch with your goals can be beneficial. Yet, it will only be if you take action on it afterward. Far too often we make great plans & strategies, but soon enough we’re doing the same old thing.

Once we get real with how change looks like, then we can decide for real if we’re ready to make the change. Are you ready?