Stories Rules The World

#28 Get a Snapchat Account

Wherever I go stories are getting shared. The stories get shared from kids, moms, friends, multi-billionaires etc. It’s an abundance of stories out there.

Yet there’s much more to share. Many people in the world don’t even have access to the Internet. It’s crazy to know there’s still people who’ve never used the Internet.

Stories make people grow. It opens doors and creates connections. The better stories you’re available to tell, the more change you can make. It’s why I believe in Medium. People are opening up and share their thoughts in a sincere way. It’s beautiful to watch.

Today I decided to make my stories reach more hearts. I decided to create a Snapchat Account. What an exciting step!

The Experience

Far too long in my life, I was pride. I was pride about not needing to be active on social media. I thought I would spare more time, by just doing things outside the social media forum.

Soon I realized I was in the social media bubble anyhow. I read, I saw, I listened. Why not take away my pride of being an ‘outsider’, and get my voice out there?

My first step was creating posts on medium. Since then I’ve created a bunch of accounts on Internet, and today I decided to make an exciting action. Get a Snapchat account.

What’s great about this application is how easy we can share our days. We can give away small or big chunks of what happened. This can make us see life through many different lenses.

I’m excited to take this step. I’m excited to see all the stories, and also to share my stories with you. What a great world we live in.

How You Can Apply What I Learned

  1. Ask yourself how your stories can reach more people. How will they grow by hearing about your life?
  2. If you don’t have a story to tell for the day. Interview someone instead. This is way many people chooses to create interview podcasts. They distribute the guest’s stories and get away from creating new stories themselves.

We live in one of the most exciting times ever. If we choose to use the tools available, then we can go from zero to one.

Where all this will lead society is hard to tell. The school world will make major changes, and as well will the workplace. What we can do is to transform with it, and create something great out of it. It’s up to us.