Take Daily Action

#257 Go sober to a big party in my hometown and focus on networking

What makes someone able to produce every single day? A while ago a friend of mine spoke about ‘forced creativity’. By forcing yourself to take action, you will be able to create content on demand.

After a great party here in my hometown. I’m sitting afterward in the small hours, and force myself to write something. Instead of going to bed as most people, I get to the computer & write. This type of action creates a strong character.


Since last autumn I’ve not had a drink of alcohol, and it makes me really happy. To be able to party without alcohol makes everything much better. You feel better, have better conversations, as well a lot of fun if you let go of your comfort zone.

Tonight my main focus has been on networking, as well to have fun. I’ve meet many old friends, as well new acquaintances. When you become curious about other people, you will create interesting conversations.

Your challenge

Go sober to a party and have conversations with at least 10 different people before you leave.


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Thank you :)