The Fun Of Being An Action Taker

#285 Talk with today’s main speaker & get a picture with her

How can you reach your goals faster? Learn from people who’ve already done it, and do as they say. Yet, many people will listen, and then make up their own rules.

Sometimes it’s good to make up your own rules, however, other times you need to trust the person who coaches you. Less pride, more humbleness.

Today I was able to attend a great event about personality types. The speaker is one of the best at what she does, and to sit 5–10 meters from the stage was incredible.

I’m very grateful for this opportunity thanks to a mentor of mine, who gave me a ticket. I’ve already started to use the principles from the event. I can feel how much easier it is to read personality types.

Personality types

The faster you’re able to understand the person you speak with, the faster you will be able to connect. If you can see what personality type someone has, you will be able to speak & act in a better manner.

The speaker Cheri Tree introduced us to the different personality types. As well, how to use it in sales and everyday life. To be able to apply this knowledge improves your social life a lot.


When the five-hour event was over, I went fast over to Cheri Tree. I was the first one to approach, which meant that I got time to ask some questions, as well to take a picture with her.

Most people did not get the opportunity to get a picture. When you’re an action taker you will get more results.

Your challenge

Sign up for an event and talk with the speaker, as well, take a picture with the person.