The Importance of Preperation & Details

#186 Have a 10 minutes speech without notes

Today I had the opportunity to talk about the book ‘The leader without a title’, by Robin Sharma, in front of ca 20 people. Without notes!

If you’re going to do something difficult my intuition says you should focus on preparation and details.

Once you stand in front of the people, you should have your preparation in mind. On the same time, read the people and understand if you need to change something to keep the attention.

Change details

During the speech, I changed some parts in order to keep the attention. By being mindful of the situation I saw what the listeners got excited about.

When I found what they found more exciting, I began to focus more on this thing. The feedback was good.


For many people to make speeches are something of the scariest actions. Yet, it’s a skill which can improve your life a lot.

Today you have the choice to act upon this fear and make your vision become reality. Commit and make it happen!