The Standards In Your Life

#283 Acknowledge & cheer each other up in small groups

It’s interesting how the standards you set for yourself gives certain actions. When something moves from being a ‘want’ to a ‘must’, your results will start to change.

The meaning above got influenced by Tony Robbins. Thanks to his advice, I’m able to write this post. Sometimes it’s incredible how I find the time to write something, however, it always happens. It’s a must.

What standards do you have in your life? Are they holding you back, or helping you to move forward?


How do you speak with people? How often do you share deep compliments? The ones which really defines the good deeds of another person?

Today at school we did an exercise, where we in a group of fours wrote down our thoughts about the other three. Afterward, we ‘love bombed’ one person at a time by reading it out loud in the small groups.

It was interesting to see the deep connection everybody got. In each group, you could see how people shared each other’s body language. Without a conscious thought about it, everyone moved in synch.

What a world we would live in if we dared to share great things with each other more often. This could become a standard.

Your challenge

Write down 3 standards you find a must to develop in your life.


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