There’s Always Another Level

#211 Buy my first share in a company

Emotions are funny. Sometimes they are intense, yet you can change them by taking action. Your posture, the people you hang around with or 20 minutes of meditation. Take ownership over the emotions.

It will obviously be difficult time to time. If you start to change the mindset, you will be able to change your vibe faster. Perhaps you will even find new levels of fulfillment?

By working on my actions today I was able to go from low to top. To understand this at the age of just 22 makes me grateful. Far too many people get dragged down and stay there. Change your actions and your feelings will most likely follow in the same direction.


With a positive mindset, my intuition says it’s easier to become curious about the world. You ask more questions and you want to understand more.

Today I saw a friend of mine playing around with company shares. I got excited about it and asked him questions. After our conversation, I was set up & ready with my own account. I decided to make my first investment.

Nothing big but I decided to start, which is how all great things get created. One step at a time.

Your challenge

Next time you see someone do something interesting. Decide to learn more and ask the person 10 questions about the topic. This will make you learn a lot more, and you will make the other person feel special.

Make people speak about their passion, and you will in an instant see their eyes light up. Make someone smile today.