There’s No Go Back From Here

#90 Tell more people about my blog

How many times have you set New Years Resolutions without succeeding? Far too often we make rapid resolutions. We set goals like exercising more, write a book or start a company. Do you know someone who’ve succeeded with their resolution?

My intuition says we begin to spread our ideas about action too early. We say to people around us that we’re going to stop smoking before we’ve even tried a few weeks. It’s easier to begin in the quiet.

When I began with my blogging challenge I did not tell people around me about it. I wanted to learn more about this craft before getting too much pressure. As time went by, my mind became total clear about my decision. I’m going to do this.

Today I felt ready to tell more people about my blog. Because I think it will give me healthy pressure, as well give something back to the people who’s around me.


The idea of showing results instead of speaking about what you’re going to do is something I like. It’s more appealing to tell people about your results than your dreams. Once you can show your results, you can begin to give more pressure on yourself by telling people about it. Most likely people want to follow your future results.

With pressure comes the fear of failure. You don’t want to fail when people look at you. This fear makes you go after what you want. The process will be full of trial and error, and perhaps you will succeed.

There’s no go back

In life, we can either go up or down. There’s no pause button in life. Many of us have a delusional image in mind about success. We think that we will hit our goal, then get happiness until the day we die. It sounds like a fairy tale.

Maybe you’ve noticed how you get accustomed to things. Once you’ve moved into a new place it feels amazing for a while, but soon enough it gives you less excitement. You begin to plan for the next goal. Is this how you achieve happiness in life?

The bolder actions you begin to take in life, the less chance it is for you to go back. The responsibility increases for you, which means more people count on you. You need to show up.


Instead of waiting with your goals until New years eve, begin today. If you decide to start today you will be two months ahead of everybody else. You will have a new habit when everybody starts.

During this time you should maybe do it ‘in the quiet’? Or maybe start to write about your own journey on Medium? Start to experiment to find out what works for you.

It’s a relief to be more open about my 365-day journey. I’m very happy about all the supportive responses from people. It’s something I appreciate a lot, which encourages me to continue with more excitement. Thank you for being with me on this journey.