Time To Get Some Sleep

#82 Sleep 4 hours and work a 10-hour restaurant shift

Yesterday was a day of excitement & pushing my limits. I got more courage & energy by going out by myself. But, it came with a cost.

Today I had to wake up early and go to work. I only got 4 hours of sleep, but I felt energized because the night gave me great energy. Often when I party while being sober the vibe stays with me the next day. It feels great.

Today I went to work with just 4 hours of sleep. It became an experiment of how it is to work with low sleep. Otherwise, I’m pretty strict with getting my 7–8 hours of sleep.

No coffee

I often drink coffee because I like how it tastes, and the feeling it gives me. But, it’s not the solution when you’re lacking sleep. Quick fixes almost always go down as fast.

Instead, I focused on getting stable food & drink, which gave me energy for the whole day. This is a reminder to myself about the importance of nutrition. If you feed yourself right, you will feel alright.

Lack of sleep

I don’t know why but when I lack sleep I get pretty good at doing basic tasks. Often I try to seize the opportunity and get ‘boring’ work done while I’m lacking sleep. If it does not work, then I take a power nap. Unfortunately, I had no time for that today.

Once you get your sleep back

Try to stay with it. When you’re letting yourself get proper sleep, your health will thank you. The benefits are many, and we should strive to sleep the amount of time which suits us best.


To work when you’re lacking sleep demands a lot from you. Especially when you have to work in a stressful environment.

All my training with mindfulness & meditation made it a little easier. It’s most likely why I could handle this day with more ease. I could breathe and focus on the moment. Anyhow, it’s finally time to get some sleep.

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