Turn Your Weakness Into Your Strength

#253 Work on my mindset around Diabetes

Do you have a superpower which nobody can see, but you always are aware of?

Some of us go around with something hidden, which can make us stronger. It’s almost like a superpower if you let it become that.

Every day I need to learn and grow with my Diabetes. It makes me remember my mortality, as well to take care of myself. To have this in my daily life, makes me remember to always see opportunities.

Each time my Diabetes plays with me, I see it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Thanks to this disease I’ve been able to take massive ownership for the results in my life.

People won’t understand

You can’t expect people to understand your problems because they’re are yours. Sometimes I want to let people know how I feel, yet it’s a waste of time. Instead, I focus on finding solutions, which makes me live in harmony with my diabetes.

Together we’ve become a team, which makes life more enjoyable.


What is a problem you have in your daily life? How can you turn it around and make it to your advantage?

To answer this question can be difficult, and it takes courage. Yet, to see the opportunities brings hope. You begin to see life in different ways and turn your problem into your superpower.


Usually, my diabetes works really well and I live a healthy life. Yet, for the last 3–4 days my diabetes has been playing with me. My blood sugar has gone up and down. What is wrong?

With my knowledge and patience, I’ve been working on the problem. As well, today I started to really work on my mindset. For the last couple day’s my mindset have gotten a little weak.

By writing down and remember my normal mindset, I was able to go back to my growth mindset. This changed everything, and I started to see the opportunities again. The harmony is coming back.

Your challenge

Write down how you can turn your weakness into your strength.


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Thank you :)