What Did You Learn Today?

#3 Go To A Random Meetup


As a writer you need to have a hunger for inspiration. For me it often shows up in new experiences and sights.

Many people I talk with finds their inspiration in books, conversations and new places. A great way is to questioning why things are as they are.

Today I wanted to get new thoughts and views of life, and I choose to go to a random Meetup.

I took the one most outside of my comfort zone. I choose to go to a art exhibition and meet new types of artists.

The Biggest Lesson

When you explore new types of social circles, you will get a lot of ‘aha’ moments. It’s a great way to see your life from another perceptive, and make you wonder how your life could be different.

The person who made the art exhibition is Fan Wu. She is a Hong Kong based artist who makes pictures with sensitive aesthetic. The art grabs you and make your feelings come to live.

I recommend you to check out her future exhibitions.

How You Can Apply What I Learnt

The photos made by Fan made me realize a lot of things, which we can apply to our life’s.

  1. Get in touch with what type of creator you’re! Do you like to create things when it’s a mess around you, or do you like it to be clean & structured? Experiment and find out what the optimal environment for you is.
  2. Just let go sometimes, and let the feelings happen to you. Even if it’s ugly and messy, you will be stronger afterwards.
  3. ALWAYS start out nice when you meet a new person. You never know who you’re talking with.

P.S This does not apply in prison. Then start out tough and become nice if you can.

4.Learn new languages. There’s a lot of people out there who only speaks their native language. If you want to get new & interesting perspectives, then start to learn a new language.

Art opens up our humanness and bounds us together.

What thrilling action are you going to make today?

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Day 3 of 365 days doing something scary/thrilling/exciting.

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