What If It’s A Creeper?!?

#14 Meet A Stranger From The Internet

Today I told someone about today’s challenge, and the question above appeared. I don’t know, it could be. Let’s find out.

One of the best things about meeting strangers, is they know something you don’t.

There are a lot of unknown unknowns in life. You will know you found something new when a big ‘AHA!’ moment appears. Sometimes it can be a game changer.

To make this Monday extra special I’m going to meet a stranger from an entrepreneur forum.

“The more you learn, the more you’ll earn” — Warren Buffet

The Experience

Just being available to meet people this easy is luxurious. I’m thinking of all the generations before me who got to work much harder. Just think of how hard it would be decades ago to become a businessman without going to a great school.

I’m thankful to be born in the right time and place. I’m born in a open and rich Sweden, with internet connection almost everywhere.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the power of the little device in your pocket.

With this little magical thing you can create brands, businesses, sales, blogs, relationships etc.

Today with the help of my iPhone I got to meet a new ally over a cup of coffee. All the stories and lessons shared made us both grow.

Experiences like this makes relationships shape. With it comes the potential of opportunities in many ways. Just think of all the contacts which can get shared, and how businesses can get created.

“Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else. Nothing exists in isolation. We have to stop pretending we are individuals that can go it alone.” — Margaret Wheatley

How You Can Apply What I Learnt

  1. Try to meet someone older than you, because they’ve had a lot of first-hand experience in life. Also try to meet someone who’ve done something you would like to do.
  2. Ask yourself what you would like to create with your telephone. Take action today, and make something new & exciting happen.

This day made me realize how much there’s left to explore. Above all how exciting challenges like this can be. When you start to take action in life, new processes starts to happen.

New people comes into your life and new opportunities starts to show up. You will presumably feel more alive and interested about life. If you would like to meet someone, try to get in contact with them and book a meeting. It’s all about taking action.

What thrilling action are you going to make today?

Originally published at Johan Rosén.

Day 14 of 365 days doing something scary/thrilling/exciting.