What Motivates You To Succeed?

#247 Win two sales competitions

How do you end each evening? Your habits will determine how your life will unfold. To know this is can empower you. It means that you can choose your future.

Before I go to bed each night I have to write my daily blog. I can’t go to sleep before I do this, in other words, I need to stay awake until it’s done. If I don’t write, then my sleep hours will decrease.

This means that I will create content on demand. Because the opposite would be too devastating. I need certain hours of sleep in order to function well.

What motivates you?

To get things done my intuition says you should find different ways of motivation. Where do you get your inner motivation from?

Some of the things which motivate me to keep blogging are: To inspire other people, the process of learning and to push myself in life.


By knowing what motivates me I was able to make things happen today. By knowing what motivates me I was able to win two sales competitions today. By knowing what motivates me I’m able to write this post. My vision is my motivation.

With my vision in mind, I took the necessary actions in order to sell. I cold called, communicated and sold. There’s a long way to go until I’m the businessman I want to be, yet I’ve come a long way since January.

Since I began on Arndt’s Sales Academy here in Stockholm, my life has changed in many ways. I’m grateful for the mentors and the people I get to be around every day.

Your challenge

How can you become the best in your profession? What peers do you need around you in order to make this happen? Write down a strategy for how you can create a great network.