How To Learn A New Language

#53 Learn a new language — During my 10h restaurant shift

The world is connecting more and more for each day. To speak many languages have many benefits. Yet, how important is it to learn new languages? More and more people speaks English. Is it necessary to learn more languages?

Where we’re at right now in society there’s still many people who can’t speak English. If you want to connect with them, and create something. Then learning a new language is necessary. As well, it’s a fun & growing process.

Today I had to work 10 hours in a restaurant. To make this day special I decided to learn a new language. Kurdish.

Why Kurdish?

When we decide to learn a new language we often choose the typical ones. French, Spanish, Mandarin etc. Yet, how much more valuable is it not to be ‘one of few swedes’ who can speak Kurdish?

This far in my life I can speak Swedish, English, and French. The more languages I understand, the easier it becomes to learn new languages. It’s a compounding effect.

Today’s process

Have you ever worked in a restaurant before? If so, you most likely know the feeling of having something to do all the time. It’s easy to get occupied by all the thoughts and go into ‘zombie mood’.

Yet, if you’ve practiced a lot of meditation and mindfulness. Then you can bring yourself back to presence. It’s a relief to be here and now. To be able to use your brain how you want to without ‘going into zombie mood’.

During this day I memorized 1–5 phrases every 30 minutes. Soon enough we spoke Kurdish instead of Swedish. It was a challenge, but a fun one. If you want to learn how I did it, read my earlier article about memorization.

Learn as a child

I still can’t believe how the school system teaches languages. They give us words and grammar to memorize, and then expect us to become fluent from it. It’s the wrong way to go.

Think back to when you learned your native language. You began to hear what people around you said, and you began to pronounce some phrases yourself. Sometimes you got it right, and most times not. When you failed, you laughed and went for it again. Through trial and error, you became fluent, not by reading a grammar book.

Exactly this same process I did today, and it’s why I can now say ca 50 phrases/words in Kurdish. From this point, I can start to create new phrases, by mixing up different parts from prior phrases. To learn new languages should be a fun & exciting process. Learning is fun if you do it right.

How you can apply what I learned

  1. Learn more about memorization, and start to learn something you want to. Maybe math, programming, languages or some courses on Khanacademy. A new world opens up when you begin to remember more.

Language amazes me. It gives me the key to many hearts, and with it, I can create a better life for myself & other people. Through English, I’m able to write this article and give you value from what I learned today. What a world we live, don’t you think?