Your Message To The World

#288 Get in contact with two entrepreneurs I admire

As a blogger, there’s a lot of inner work. You look within yourself to see if you find something to write about. What do you feel the need to tell the world today?

After a while, you get to know yourself pretty good. After 288 days you start to see your own patterns, and how to develop yourself more & more. What a gift.

Today I continued to work on my personal growth. It’s about getting out of your own way and take action.

One of the actions I took today was to get in contact with two entrepreneurs I admire. One of them I spoke with on the street, and the other one I wrote with on social media. Your mentors will help to increase your knowledge.

Your challenge

Write down two people you would like to get in contact with. Write down a plan of how you can make it happen, and what value they will get from you.