What do you do, Think|Stack?

Chris Sachse
Apr 20, 2018 · 3 min read
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Last week, while attending an event on the west coast, I was arriving at the location for the event. I set my bag down and began searching for the coffee! The tail end of a few weeks of travel, my internal clock was shot, and I was feeling a little groggy. As I found the coffee station and stood in line, a nice young man came up and said, “Hi Chris, what does Think|Stack do?”

Seems like a simple enough question. Even in my mental state, I mean after all, I founded the business.

However, when you provide technology services, the spectrum of what you do can be wide and perceptions vary.

Since we had some time waiting in line, I took a different approach and deviated from my 15 second elevator pitch.

The message seemed to be well received, so I figured I better get it down on paper and share!

Technology and Business Communication

We help bridge the communication gap between technologists and business people. CIO’s, CISO’s, CTO’s and others have a difficult task of serving every department in a business. They provide those departments with new projects and support, they build and maintain the infrastructure, they coordinate with many vendors and do all of this while keeping their companies compliant and secure.

Business leaders on the other hand are leading the company’s growth. They are looking for better, faster and more efficient ways to run. With bold plans and ever tight timelines they require change.

Perspective is often reality.

Business leaders feel resistance from the technology department, often hearing the word, NO! Business leaders focus on the customer experience and brand.

Technology leaders feel undervalued and overworked. They feel a duty to security and compliance.

Each team sees a big picture. One is a business landscape with and the other is a technology landscape. Both equally complex and difficult to navigate.

This dynamic often creates challenges in communication and alignment.

So, we help them speak a common language.

Translate Tech Talk

We work with business leaders and technology leaders to understand both perspectives and translate those perspective into a common voice. We help align the business and technology strategy.

With that alignment, we help you build a technology strategy and assist your team in strategy execution and ongoing management. Along the way we use our Goma tool to help keep the alignment and create collaborative governance.

Innovation Infrastructure

With communication as the starting point, we then help our clients execute their strategy. This often begins with improvement to infrastructure. When we look inside of most organizations, the issues of keeping up with the pace of change and innovation are directly tied to an ill-equipped infrastructure.

The reality of our current business landscape is that technology will change. No matter what industry you serve, the rapid pace of change is inevitable. It used to be more cyclical. But today, change occurs fast, and organizations be posed to integrate that change.

That starts with having the right infrastructure. An infrastructure that is rapidly scalable, resilient and offers a data layer that is accessible across the enterprise. We help you build that. With a consultative and vendor agnostic approach that allows us to design the right infrastructure for your needs both now and into the future.

Cyber Security and Governance

With the infrastructure future-proofed, the next step is a building a scalable security platform. As organizations adopt change, they must ensure they are secure and compliant. The security platform needs to scale and grow with the organization and the changes presented by new threats. We help build scalable programs with tools that are suited to your needs and regulatory requirements. We then input that information into our platform to be cleanly communicated to organization stakeholders.

So what do we do? We do that, we help you communicate better, innovate faster and stay secure.

How do we do it, through a solid partnership with our amazing team. We offer projects, assessments, strategy consulting, outsourcing and a kick ass Cyber Governance tool, Goma.

Who do we work with? Organizations that want to scale and grow using technology.

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