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QR Codes: Business Tool

During the 2019 birth of COVID, we saw the massive shutdown of restaurants, stores, and businesses in general. If you weren’t an online business already you were on a sinking ship. Luckily a lot of businesses saw the benefit of being online already. We are now in 2022, everything is opening back up, they are swinging those doors open and flipping their sign to say “OPEN” and we are here for it. I noticed some changes though and that’s what I will be talking about in this article.

I sat down in a restaurant the other day (yes I still had my mask on) and the waitress handed us a laminated postcard size menu with a QR code on it. I looked at her and she explained it was the new way to give out menus, it followed COVID protocols, and honestly, if they had any menu updates they no longer had to reprint the whole thing.

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Seems more efficient to me, at least from a business standpoint. Consumers like myself who want accurate information without having ten different pages worth read over every time something changes — and restaurants whose costs go way down because they don’t need unnecessary supplies being bought anymore.

Other than restaurants, what other business types benefit from QR codes?

Generating leads for Marketing 😉

Hotels: Check-ins

Salons to check-in and/or get in line

Car washes!

The list goes on and on but let’s talk bout how QR codes are great for generating leads and building customer relationships.

The power of QR codes is undeniable. They allow you to reach potential customers efficiently, and if they have a smartphone with a camera (Which is 45.3% of the US Population) then there’s no need for them to type anything because all it takes are clicks on their phone screen! This makes marketing tactics like billboards and commercials feel less personal than they already were.

I know that if I see a poster for a new carwash in town I would much rather scan and get a coupon than pull off a tab and hope I don’t lose it. I mean, think about it. Accessibility is key to selling! The easier something is, the less people have to think about it.

I challenge you to try it, do a little test. Have two sets of flyers. One with a phone number or email on it and one with a QR code. Here is Google’s QR Code Generator, it lets you track and get stats. Let me know your results!




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