Lisbon — Europe’s San Francisco

A recent report by Bloomberg says business experts are considering Lisbon as Europe’s answer to San Francisco. Let’s find out why this small city in Portugal is luring global ventures and entrepreneurs to seek for success beyond the valley.

In Lisbon, the pie of opportunity is expanding at an amazing rate. Mario Baumann (Australian born entrepreneur) co-founder of gaming platform Voidu says “Compared to any other capital in Europe, the quality of available employees and co-workers in Lisbon is outstanding”

We are in the third decade of 21st century and at this point, we can all agree that diversity and multiculturalism are the foundations of innovation. And that is exactly what you find in Lisbon. This uniquely diverse community provides you with a very interesting lens to look at the world differently.

Lisbon offers a low-cost living for highest possible quality. Talent is flooding here from all over the world. This highly cosmopolitan city also offers top quality office spaces, housing, products, services, and of course internet at a very lower price when compared to San Francisco, Barcelona, London or Berlin.

The Portuguese Government has molded Lisbon’s laws & regulation in such a way that you cannot find a more supportive place to start a company. Over the past few years, the bureaucracy has completely shifted and streamlined in the favor of entrepreneurs.

There are various startup funds created which can be easily accessed in Lisbon. To name a few Faber Ventures, InterCapital, Busy Angels, Caixa Capital, and Portugal Ventures.

Lisbon has been emerging as “The Perfect Launch Pad” for a global startup. Having a company in Lisbon can give you access to not only European and American markets, but also Asian, and soon to explode African market.

Plus there are too many Cherries on the cake, Year-Round Sunshine, Beautiful Beaches, Good Vibes, and even the Golden Gate Bridge. The wave of excitement is clear, and Young Global entrepreneurs are riding it.

When are you planning to visit Lisbon?

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