What Is True Globalization?

Just imagine, what could be a real Globalization — the unification of our whole planet. The invisible walls called “borders”, secured by thousands of soldiers & weapons won’t have any existence. If you would be a farmer born in a territory with inadequate water supply, you will have a chance to legally and easily relocate to whichever place is suitable for agriculture. If you are born at a place with an inappropriate education system, you can migrate to the territory with best educational facilities. Once we will own the planet, we won’t be a prisoner of the manmade invisible lines anymore.

“It has been said that arguing against globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity” — Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations

Let’s talk in terms of the present business environment. Today’s marketplace has created a necessity for all the businesses to cater to the global customer base.

If you consider the size of this international market, you will find out that the majority of your potential customers live abroad. Another factor that creates the urgency of you taking your business beyond boundaries is, if you are not pursuing those customers your competitors will be. And they will not only benefit as the “first movers” but they will also have a chance to establish key international partnerships and strong distribution agreements.

The developing market in Europe, India, Latin America and China holds a huge potential for companies planning global expansion. The key factors that encourage business to explore these markets are the rising economies, the favorable demographics, the commercial demand, the infrastructure improvements and the opening of closed market systems.

Many businesses are attempting to expand their geographic footprints. As by serving a broader customer base, businesses have a chance to reduce their investment risks.

In conclusion, we can defiantly agree that it’s a very favorable time to get a toe hold in the global market. If you are an entrepreneur planning to start a business beyond boundaries, conduct a good market research at an international level and get on the ship before it leaves the harbors. There are a few companies that hold the hands of new divers and help them with all the required steps to establish themselves in a new territory.

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Nisarg Bhatt, Digital content specialist at Ahoy

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