Campfire: Igniting Education with Blended Learning

An educational podcast focused on blended learning. By Jeff Gerlach and Erin Luckhardt.

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Bust out the s’mores, it’s time for a CAMPFIRE!

It might be a little chilly to gather around a campfire this time of year, but we’d love for you to grab your coffee and get cozy while you listen to our FIRST Campfire Podcast (you may remember when we used to share our MyBlend stories — you can still check those stories out, too). We want to bring you a different style of education podcast that serves educators, administrators, tech coaches and anyone who has an interest in education!

Here are just a few of the things we mentioned in the introcast:

  • You heard about our “What We’re Digging” segment — we’ll share links to tutorials, classroom application ideas, and links to the site.
  • The label on the back of marshmallow package as a result of people playing Chubby Bunny:
  • #CampfireQ — What questions do you have for us? Are there topics you’d like to hear more about? ASK! You don’t even have to raise your hand, just hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

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Erin and Jeff are members of the blended learning team at MVU, whose work is to support teachers as they increase their capacity to reach more students via differentiated and personalized instruction.

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