Thinkbox Is Now Offering Sharetribe Marketplace Services!

We’re two marketplace obsessed teams!

At Thinkbox, we’re a bootstrap startup studio that builds and launches startups (like Studiotime) and help others do the same. After we initially built and launched Studiotime three years ago using Sharetribe’s marketplace platform (story here), we began a close working relationship with Sharetribe and their team.

Example of Studiotime 2.0 (customized Sharetribe Flex build)

Since then, Studiotime has grown and is now the largest online marketplace to book music studios in the world (in 35+ countries). We are still built on Sharetribe, but Studiotime 2.0 is now on their newest offering, which is their Flex platform. Although access is currently limited, it is in essence a marketplace API backend as a service. Studiotime 2.0 is heavily customized by our team at Thinkbox.

In parallel, Sharetribe as a company has experienced substantial growth, they’ve announced new product offerings (such as Flex), and have helped hundreds (if not thousands) of marketplace founders take their marketplace idea to launch using their marketplace solutions. We’re proud to have also played a small part in this.

Not only has our team at Thinkbox team built Studiotime, but we’ve helped others take their marketplace concept to MVP with our services. We’ve worked with Sharetribe customers in initial MVP build engagements (idea to MVP), done some of the most advanced Sharetribe customizations to date, and more to help marketplace founders leverage Sharetribe as much as possible when building, launching, and scaling their marketplaces. We know Sharetribe inside and out, it’s limitations, and how to modify and overcome them through product customization.

With out relationship over the past few years, it’s only natural that we explored working more closely with Sharetribe and announce that we’re making our marketplace domain expertise, Sharetribe knowledge, and services more accessible to those looking to build and launch a marketplace of their own.

We’re always excited to work with ambitious founders and even Sharetribe’s clients with the following:

  • Marketplace idea to MVP engagements
  • Sharetribe customizations (Sharetribe hosted, open source, and Flex customizations)
  • Marketplace redesigns
  • Marketplace development
  • Marketplace pre-launch & launch strategy

If you are looking for help looking to start a marketplace, with Sharetribe, or would like to know more please reach out to us at You can also find out more about us and our work at We’re @Thinkboxmakes on Twitter and I’m @Yoroomie (and I’m obsessed with marketplaces).