Utilizing Grassroots Marketing to Create Meaningful Growth

Immediately following the launch of Yoroomie App, we had a significant amount of traffic and immediate users resulting from both our prelaunch campaign and also Product Hunt launch (story coming soon on our resulting traction and engagement). In order to create the momentum that would be needed to grow our users in our Los Angeles (our initial target launch market), we went to the drawing board and began brainstorming the most cost effective way to do so. Given that we had little marketing spend on Yoroomie, this strategy would have to require minimal cash outlay with a maximum return on users and viral effect.

The result of reading countless GrowthHackers articles and brainstorming led us to come up with a strategy that relied on both conventional and disruptive distribution tactics. We would replace our business cards with printed app cards that would have a catchy tagline on one side and a download URL on the other. We also printed stickers using Sticker Mule’s past promotion.

Tagging Sticker Mule in a tweet and a retweet from them (with 30k followers) is a free way to increase reach and share your own brand’s swag!

With both app cards and stickers en route, we identified and outlined target areas on a map for our ideal users. If we could effectively increase our exposure and drive installs in these areas, we would have a competitive advantage over potential competitors by having both a supply of roomie listings and roomies looking for other roomies in these high-demand areas.

Areas Targeted:

Local Meetups- Tech, fashion, professional networking, and also other interest-based meetups were targeted and attended by our team to hand out cards, place stickers strategically (we love placing them outside of restaurants where there are commonly long wait times and centralized traffic).
Influencer Hangouts- We knew where potential investors, business leaders, social influencers, and also societal figureheads liked to hangout. We placed stickers around where they hangout, get coffee, walk into work, and even sit at traffic lights on the way home. We even placed app cards at the front check-in desk at one of the most popular gyms in Santa Monica.
Event Spaces- Los Angeles has an active event, nightlife, and entertainment scene and this is one of the most centralized places we could hand out cards and place our stickers.

In addition to the grassroots approaches identified above, we heavily leveraged our social distribution channels. We would use our printed collateral, placement, social media reach of places we targeted, and other tactics to increase our reach and saturate the local Los Angeles shared rental market.