Celebrating 10 years of Bitcoin

It’s Bitcoin’s birthday, what do the next 10 years hold for it?

At the ThinkCoin offices around the world we’re celebrating ten years since the publication of the Bitcoin whitepaper.

On October 31st 2008 the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin whitepaper, a prototype for a way to create peer to peer digital cash. Nakamoto’s whitepaper was a direct response to the global financial crisis, and cryptocurrency was intended to offer citizens around the world an economic alternative.

Over the ten years since then Bitcoin has become a global phenomenon. What Nakamoto probably didn’t realise, however was that his whitepaper would kick start a digital revolution, what’s become known as web 3.0.

In 2018 we’re at a new dawn, entering the era of blockchain where everything from driverless cars to peer to peer loans is possible. TradeConnect, the blockchain-based trading network of the future is just one of the projects that builds upon the cryptographic model introduced by Bitcoin.

So join us as we celebrate the first decade of crytocurrencies, and remember to stay tuned for more updates from the Think Coin team!