Community Update

Hello Everyone,

Our team has been working hard on the project and the back-end infrastructure of the TradeConnect platform. In this update we will address many of the items our community has been waiting to hear.

Product Update:

Desktop version of our platform is progressing well and our team has finished the User Interface for the desktop version. See below attached photos. You can also download our TradeConnect app from Google Play and Apple Store.


We have been exploring further partnerships to develop the ThinkCoin ecosystem and we are currently looking into a distributed ledger that records cross-chain and intra-chain transactions. The ledger not only supports smart contracts, but also supports privacy protection. We will be keep you updated on this potential partnership in the next few weeks.

Exchange Listing:

There are several exchanges we have been in discussion with, and we are currently waiting feedback on the exchange listing date. Although we had planned to list earlier in Q4, the market conditions led us to hold the listing. The team is working hard to still plan for a listing within this year. We would like to inform you that all of the exchanges we have been in discussion with, are within the top 20 in volume on CMC.


There are still over a thousand participants that have not provided their KYC. We are doing our best to update these participants to claim their tokens and finish the KYC process. We are looking to finish all the minting of tokens by the end of December if not sooner.

We appreciate the community’s patience during this time and we’ll be updating you in the coming weeks with more news and information. This is an exciting time for us and we know we have kept you waiting, but we are getting very close and we do appreciate the ongoing support from you.

Should you have any questions please reach out to us on either Telegram or email