FAQ Bounty Participants

How do I get my bounty award?
You need to register at www.thinkcoin.io with the same email address as you registered with for the Bounty Program.

What documents do I need to upload for KYC? 
You’ll only need to upload ID (government issued ID which includes a picture, date of birth and is NOT expired)— no need for proof of address. 

Why is my KYC accepted, but my profile says I’m not verified? 
KYC accepted means your documents are now uploaded and ready, but we have still not approved your profile. Bear in mind, we are manually checking all of your applications, there’s no computers doing this, so it takes time! We are going through hundreds a day and eventually it will be your turn, so please bear with us.

Why have I not received my tokens? 
First of all, PRIVATE SALE IS NOT OVER YET! We are not starting the allocation until the sale is over and when we start the investors will be prioritised then theBounty Participants.

I have registered with the wrong email, what do I do? 
Sign up again with the right email. If you have to confirm which email address you signed up with —get in touch with @carolinethinkcoin. If you can’t provide with the right email you won’t receive your tokens. This is because of scammers are trying to get other peoples tokens, so you will have to give the email address you think it is, then we will see if that’s the right one. NO exceptions!

I have registered with more than one email for the different Bounty campaigns, what do I do? 
Register on our website with all of them and go through KYC. You can transfer all your tokens to one account later.

Can I upload a friends ID? 
No, you have to upload your own ID.

When will Ireceive tokens?
When the sale is over and we have allocated all the tokens for the investors then we will start allocation for Bounty Participants.

Why am I not verified? 
If you are not verified it’s for a reason — email support@thinkcoin.io with your issue and they will help you with individual solutions. It WON’T be sorted through Telegram.

Should you have any other questions get in touch on our Bounty Channel or @carolinethinkcoin.