Introducing TCO Staking

TradeConnect’s development is well underway, and part of this process has been re-examining the platform to see how we can better reward our community and incentivise participation in the network.

With this in mind we are happy to announce a new feature in the network that will directly reward token holders, a feature we are calling Staking.

Holders who retain their ThinkCoin tokens long-term will receive a regular return from funds gathered using the Connect Fee. Five percent of the Connect Fee revenue allocated to the network itself (ie. 0.0125% of the total) will be held in a pool for stakers: the more the network grows, the greater our token holders are rewarded.

The dividends from the staking pool will be paid out at the end of every month, offering a regular return for our token holders.

To read more about it you can check out page 12 and 13 in our Whitepaper.

To learn more or discuss the new staking feature join our Reddit, Twitter, Facebook or Telegram channels and be part of the growing ThinkCoin conversation!