Introducing tokenized assets

The advent of tokenized assets is one of the most exciting innovations to arrive in markets in years. What benefits will they bring to TradeConnect?


With TradeConnect, it will be possible to go from deciding to purchase a digital asset to owning it in just a few seconds. No lengthy sign-up processes, approval delays, or waiting for antiquated broker systems to process your trade. Our hybrid blockchain design will allow users to trade with almost instant settlement — a massive improvement over the lengthy trading process traders are subjected to by traditional brokerages.


With exclusive control over your private keys, your tokens are secure from both hackers and centralized points of failure. Traditional paper and electronic assets are vulnerable to fire, data loss and corruption. Digital assets remove the risk, so you can rest easy knowing that your capital is always safe.

24/7 Access

Because of TradeConnect’s secure blockchain design we are able to keep our markets available for use 24/7 around the clock, providing our traders with the most responsive and open trading experience ever developed. Stay ahead of Wall Street, with nothing to hold you back from the constantly evolving financial markets. The global, open-access platform will also provide a massive boost to global market liquidity — we open our trading doors to everyone, wherever they in the world.