Minting Process

With our public token sale complete, we’re rapidly approaching the token minting process. We are currently finalising all KYC forms and allocations, so we aim to have all tokens minted for our investors as soon as possible. We’ll announce an exact date soon.

As many of you are eagerly awaiting your TCO tokens, we thought it would be a good idea to revisit the token itself, alongside its role on the platform.

TCO are ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum network, with a ceiling of 500 million tokens to be minted. Since we began the token sale, there has been a significant addition to the TradeConnect network that will benefit holders of the TCO token.

Our Staking Contract program will distribute 5% of all fees gathered on the platform directly to holders with assets above a certain threshold, meaning the more the network grows, the more our token holders are rewarded.

If you didn’t manage to get as many tokens as you wanted to during our sale, there will other chances. We will be making an announcement regarding exchange listings very soon.

Thank you to our community for being with us every step of the way: we’re rapidly advancing towards bringing TradeConnect to life, and changing global financial markets forever.

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