Our Strategic Advisory Team

The ThinkCoin team is incredibly lucky to have an incredible range of expertise and experience on our strategic advisory team.

We’ve introduced them either collectively at the start of the project or individually as they have joined, but we thought the time was right to re-introduce them to you as a group.

Todd Ruppert

CEO (ret), T.Rowe Price Global Investment Services

Retired as CEO of T. Rowe Price Global Investment Services, co-president of T. Rowe Price International and CEO of Ruppert International, Todd is now a serial fintech investor and advisor. With expertise in education, financial services, disruptive technologies, publishing, arts and entertainment and strategy consulting, Todd brings a wealth of knowledge to our advisory board.

Marek Kirejczyk

Blockchain Developer & Advisor, ETHworks.io

A blockchain engineer and consultant, Marek co-founded blockchain focused software house EthWorks and currently harnesses blockchain technology to create transparent supply chains as lead developer at Ambrosus. An Ethereum evangelist, Marek is also the founder of Ethereum Meetup Poland and author of ethereum.rb library.

Hirander Midra


Hirander Misra is Chairman and CEO of GMEX Group, the industry-leading provider of exchange and post-trade services. He is also Co-Founder, Chairman and interim CEO of MINDEX — The international derivatives and commodities exchange underpinned by blockchain technology

Kevin O’Hara

Group CIO & Investment Portfolio Manager, Tulla Private Equity Group

As well as his work with Tulla Private Equity Group, Kevin is an active angel investor in the blockchain sector, the founder of Techwitty Digital Technology Advisory, and serves on numerous advisory boards of international technology companies.

Sean Koh

Founder, Klover

Sean Koh is the founder of Klover, the blockchain advisory. As CEO of Koherent Inc, he is an expert in cross-border transactions in finance, technology and other fields, and has hosted investment forums at the UN, WEF and other international organizations.

Jay Best

Chairman, Cogni Capital

Dr. Best is an expert in cryptopayments, ICOs and dapps (censorship-resistant decentralized applications, platforms, marketplaces, services and exchanges). Named top crypto strategist in the UK, seasoned board advisor, he pioneered decentralized systems and deep learning at MIT, and now spends most time as a lecturer, impact investor and advisor in the crypto space.

Paul Hill

Non-Executive Director, ThinkMarkets

With a successful background in leading equities and derivatives organisations both in the UK and Australia, Paul is now a strategic consultant within the financial services space, and since 2012 has consulted for a range of fintech operations as they have expanded into new marketplaces.

Lidia Dumatrascu

Partner, VentureBoost Group

After working as portfolio manager, analyst and trader in financial series, Lidia became an entrepreneur and eventually growing one of her ventures into a multi-million GBP company, Carmina has partnered with Dr Jay Best, an MIT computer scientist and innovation strategist to found VentureBoost and to explore how blockchain technology can serve as a foundation for the sharing economy.

Ashley Aberneithy

CEO analytic.ai

Ashley Aberneithy is CEO of analytic.ai, a disruptive business aimed at optimising the hedging strategies of financial firms by exploring common heuristics and behavioural traits which exist amongst financial market traders. After studying Computer Science at UCL he worked in the investment banking space, and then was a Director at Star Financial Systems.

Ben Swann

Director, analytic.ai

Ben has worked in the financial derivative industry for fifteen years, building software solutions for several of biggest companies in the retail finance sector. Ben is the CTO and founder of Star Financial Systems providing low latency trade processing services to the retail finance industry and a Director of Analytic AI providing algorithmic risk management solutions.

Sena Gbeckor-Kove

Blockchain and Distributed Applications Advisor

Sena is a highly experienced technologist who has specialised in taking innovations from the drawing board to users’ hands and ensuring their needs are met. ananse, his current startup, delivers end-to-end encryption to clients in fintech, communications and IOT verticals. He leads the mobile wallet team at HTMLCOIN, a fork of QTum, advises several AI and blockchain startups.

Natallia Hunik

Global head of Sales, Advanced Markets LLC & Fortex Inc

Natallia is a sales and marketing executive who quickly identifies opportunities to expand efforts and outcomes in global settings. She brings expertise in international business development, in particular across Asian markets, and has experience in financial services, fixed income, and enterprise sales.

Hamza Habib

Investment Advisor

Hamza Habib brings extensive capital markets, funds management and business development experience to ThinkCoin. He has provided strategic advice for almost a decade in portfolio management, underwritings, capital raisings and during that time assisted a number of companies to list on the Australian Stock Exchange. He is the founder and director of Elysium Capital Partners which is strategic advisory firm that specialises in capital markets based in Melbourne.

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