Six Month Review

With June marking the half-way point of 2018, it’s time to reflect on what has been a monumental six months for both cryptocurrencies and TradeConnect.

While market prices have stagnated following January’s crash, 2018 has brought the biggest developments in technology, cryptocurrency awareness, and adoption that the space has seen yet.

Here at ThinkCoin we’ve fostered partnerships with cutting edge blockchain developers, attended record-breaking events, and made huge improvements to our product, TradeConnect.

Here’s a selection of just three of the biggest features of the first half of 2018:

  1. Partnerships with 0Chain and GMEX

The highlight of this year so far has been the two partnerships we have made. Both projects we are working with are developing forward-thinking blockchain solutions for the next economy.

Our partners 0Chain have raised $39m to develop decentralized cloud services for blockchain projects, using parallel chains to achieve never-before-seen speed and scalability. TradeConnect will employ parallel chains to bring to life the hybrid blockchain system, and we’re fortunate to be one of the first projects in development to utilize this new technology.

Where 0Chain delivers blockchain infrastructure and scalability, our partnership with GMEX in June brings a whole host of blockchain exchange solutions. As providers of back-end trading solutions to exchanges all around the world, GMEX are a perfect partner to help us build the one-stop trading ecosystem of the next economy. Working with these two leading blockchain pioneers has been the crowiing achievement of the year for us at ThinkCoin, and we couldn’t be happier to be part of the growing blockchain community.

2. Consensus

May marked the biggest blockchain event of all time, which was a huge success for both blockchain and TradeConnect. Taking place at the New York Hilton and hosted by CoinDesk, Consensus showed just how far cryptocurrency awareness has spread. With over 4000 people and 250 speakers attending, the event was a huge success for the crypto community, and a huge step forward for mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.

We were proud to be invited, and our team seized the opportunity to speak and share awareness of TradeConnect and the future of financial markets with a global audience. The event illustrated the fantastic cryptocurrency community we have and the fast rate of progress that is being made.

3. TradeConnect Events

The start of this year has been jam-packed with events for our team, as we’ve been attending shows, expos and conferences all around the world! Our Co-Founder Faizan Anees and Social Media manager Caroline Olsen travelled to the opposite side of the globe to attend events in Australia, while Director of Operations Adil Siddiqui and Marketing Manager Dafni Serdari attended shows on our front doorstep in London. Other key events took place in Geneva, Istanbul, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Berlin and Vietnam.

We’ve had the opportunity to meet investors and demonstrate our vision for the TradeConnect platform, taking on advice and suggestions every step of the way.

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