ThinkCoin: What the future holds

At ThinkCoin we’re developing a blockchain-based mobile trading network that will radically change financial trading forever.

To do this we’re drawing upon a wealth of experience in both financial markets and blockchain, and have built a first-class team of experts from around the globe.

Today, we wanted to draw attention to three future upgrades we have planned. These features won’t come with the initial product release, but will be added further down the line.


TradeConnect will provide a service not just for traders, but investors too. By integrating a wallet ecosystem our service, users will be able to store a wide range of cryptocurrencies safely. In future, we will be able to develop both hot and cold storage solutions: ie. different wallets that are either connect to the internet, or not.


By holding a reserve of clients’ money, we will be able to integrate stablecoins on our platform. Stablecoins are pegged to the value of fiat currencies, so they will provide a level of stability and security for traders. Alongside these benefits, the ability to trade using stablecoins will attract investors new to the cryptocurrency space, as the service will be similar to existing systems.


As the Ethereum network develops, we will be among the first to introduce state channels, shards and plasma chains to our protocol. We may be able to operate our entire infrastructure on a separate plasma chain, which would result in huge efficiency and scalability.

The future is looking bright for both ThinkCoin and Ethereum!

To learn more about our project visit our website here.

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