Token Economy Update

Hello ThinkCoin Participant,

Please take a moment to review the latest updates for the ThinkCoin / TradeConnet project. We will continue to keep you informed on material items related to the project as they are identified.

Token Economy Update

Based on feedback we have received, and in consideration of the Utility token function that TCO will serve on TradeConnect, we have made some enhancements to the TradeConnect token economy that we believe will both provide more benefits to network participants as well as drive the token performance.

Changes to the Token Economy include:

  • Moving a large segment of the original number of tokens for sale into a transaction pool which will releases TCO to TradeConnect participants based on trading volume.
  • The ability to start trading from day 1 with BTC, ETH and Fiat to receive rebates back in TCO.
  • A more substantial Buyback process.
  • An offering for larger participants to serve as Nodes who will receive more benefits.

Please note: The updates to the Token Economy will not require any additional action from TCO token holders. If you wish to review the related updates you can find the latest version of the White Paper here.

Token Distribution

We have been actively processing claim requests and distributing TCO tokens to ICO, Bounty, and other project participants. We anticipate needing a few more weeks to clear out all final claim request and will complete the process as soon as we can. We will provide more detailed information in future communications specific the listing.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to the exciting road ahead.

Best Regards,

The ThinkCoin Team