Will TradeConnect replace existing crypto exchanges?

This is a question that’s been coming up on our social media feeds, so we wanted to take some time to look at it in more detail than is possible in a tweet. It’s also a question that will shed some perspective on what we’re really trying to do at ThinkCoin.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are booming — Binance alone now represents some $2 billion of daily trading volume. More and more people are discovering digital currencies and exchange services have matched this growing demand, providing the ability to buy and sell a wide range of digital assets quickly and easily.

So, will TradeConnect match or replace these services?

Well, we certainly want to enter this market and provide a wide range of cryptoassets to trade. And, by basing our trading system on blockchain technology we will deliver a faster and more secure trading experience than other platforms. Crypto traders, for example, will not have to give up control of their private keys, avoiding the present system’s seemingly chronic problem with hacks.

However, while it’s possible superior tech could attract traders away from the popular crypto-exchanges of today. This, however, is not our primary goal.

It’s true, you will be able to exchange cryptocurrencies on TradeConnect, but this will only be one small aspect of the TradeConnect ecosystem. We’re aiming to become the future hub of all financial trading, from forex and commodities to stocks, options and other assets. As the one-stop solution for all financial products, TradeConnect will be able to tap the multi-trillion dollar global financial market.

We intend for the product we’re developing to be the ultimate financial markets solution — the centre of the tokenized-asset economy.

Our goals may appear ambitious, but our experience across financial industries have given us a clear understanding of the need for the TradeConnect network. Global financial markets are calling for a streamlined and secure service, and with blockchain technology TradeConnect is going to be that platform.

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