Creating a Purpose-Driven Organization

David Jelinek
Jan 7 · 4 min read

At its best, going to work every day transcends simply performing job duties. It’s about making a meaningful impact on our world — and believing that what you do makes a difference.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, the first step for businesses is understanding that your higher purpose goes beyond your stock price or shareholder returns. Instead, it’s reflected in the ability to equip your people with a sense of meaning and the tools to make it a reality. Simply put, work isn’t simply contractual. It’s emotional, too, and it demands authenticity.

For businesses that successfully uncover their purpose, the benefits can be big. Inspiring employees with an authentic purpose can motivate them, produce better work and elevate the company as a whole. In fact, a five-year study of 500,000 people across 420 firms found businesses that clearly communicated their purpose to employees reported positive impact on both operating financial performance and forward-looking performance measures. But without that kind of inspiration, employees can easily become disengaged or put in minimal effort.

Today, workers are much more likely to look for this kind of experience from their employers. Kronos found that nearly three in four workers say they need to know what a company stands for before joining, while more than half say their employer needs to have a strong mission.

Additionally, a Deloitte study discovered that companies that are able to deliver authentic company values and mission are often rewarded with employee loyalty.

At Creatix, defining and living our values daily is central to our work. We’re intent on continuing to build a purpose-driven organization that inspires employees, heightens the quality of our work and creates true impact in our world. Here’s how we work to build and communicate authentic purpose.

Our Values on the wall at our Bratislava office

We define why the work we do matters.

Higher purpose doesn’t need to be created by leadership or focus groups — it already exists. It’s up to organizations to uncover that authentic higher purpose and communicate it with clarity to both employees and stakeholders.

Since our founding 15 years ago, Creatix’s mission has always been to accelerate innovation that drives positive change for those we serve. Over the years, we’ve developed purpose-driven technology that has enabled our clients to make the long-term care admissions process easier for patients and families, connect people across America with critical mental health services, and provide financial services to customers more efficiently and securely.

Our sense of purpose has intensified even more since we joined the GoHealth family earlier this year. As a leader in the healthcare technology industry, GoHealth is working to connect millions of people with affordable insurance options through its digital marketplace. We work every day to power its platform, knowing we’re bringing families one step closer to the healthcare services they need.

We lead by example.

Purpose isn’t just about marketing slogans. It needs to be lived every day, starting with senior leadership. For us, that means making decisions that guide our firm in that direction. For example, we’re constantly modernizing our technology stacks so that our engineers have the tools they need to innovate, and providing hands-on guidance from senior leaders to help our younger workers thrive.

Michal K presenting to the Team

At Creatix, we also strive to inspire by encouraging personal care, facilitating team-building and supporting the families of our employees. We believe that employees can excel the most when they’re having fun and feel like they’re part of a family — one that extends all the way to the dinner table.

“When I was visiting the U.S. on business, the last day of our trip was Thanksgiving, and our CEO, David, was kind enough to invite us over for Thanksgiving dinner,” senior software engineer Matej Lednicky says. “Next year, when David was visiting along with some other U.S. team members I hosted them at my home for a traditional Slovak meal. That’s what working in Creatix is all about.”

We want to inspire our employees.

Ideally, employees in a purpose-driven organization should feel a sense of ownership and pride in their job. As an employer, our job is to stimulate individual learning and develop a sense of ownership in each of our workers, resulting in better work and less need for managerial oversight.

We entrust our employees with bold challenges while equipping them with the tools they need to succeed because we want Creatix to be a place where people can learn, experiment and grow professionally.

“The people I work with on a daily basis are senior-level people with tremendous experience who inspire me in my job every day,” project manager Zuzana Bukovinová says.

Creating a purpose-driven organization isn’t a project, but a process. At Creatix, that commitment to a greater purpose has helped us evolve from a tech startup with lofty goals to a nearly 100-person team with a presence in three countries. Our mission continues to guide our actions and decisions, and we’re committed to never losing sight of the “why” behind what we do.

Interested in learning more about joining us? Explore Creatix’s latest job openings.

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