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What Makes a Company’s Culture Great?

Millennials are well on their way to overwhelming the global workforce, making up an estimated 75% of it by 2025. And what does this new generation of workers want? A company that really cares about them.

According to a 2017 survey, 80% of millennials said they want a company culture that emphasizes personal growth. At Creatix, we understand that a strong company culture is one of the single biggest deciding factors for today’s job seekers. We’ve prioritized company culture since we opened our doors — not just because it helps us attract top talent, but because it’s part of who we are. Here’s a closer look at how we’ve built a culture that inspires and connects our team every day.

Prioritizing Personal Care

Happy employees are more productive employees. That’s why we offer amenities that support each and every worker, while helping them build stronger relationships with one another.

  • Laidback office space. We create a comfortable home away from home for our employees. We may work hard, but there’s always time for a friendly Xbox or board game in our lounge. We also believe in taking care of our family, which means the company kitchen always has free snacks and drinks.
  • Healthy environment. We make sure our employees can perform at their best by offering in-house healthy options like weekly yoga classes, in-office massages and standing desks.
  • Healthy lives. Creatix cares for employees outside of the office, too. Fitness gear and discounted gym memberships are available to help our team stay active. That includes our latest perk — eight electric scooters for employees to travel in style.
  • Flexible schedules. We work hard, but that doesn’t mean our workers have to be on the clock 24/7. In fact, we prefer to give them time to make their own schedules. Whether working remotely or going to a doctor’s appointment, you don’t have to live at the office to do great work at Creatix.

With a genuine focus on our employees’ well-being, it’s no wonder our team members stay for the long term. Our success is reflected in our founding members, who have been with us 15 years and counting — and now have 85 colleagues by their side.


Company culture isn’t just what happens in the office, but outside of it as well. At Creatix, we make time for team-building activities year-round.

One of our most famous events is our Annual Family Day, where we bring our Creatix employees and their families together. It’s a day to help redefine and strengthen our mission, values, and goals as a team and company.

Last month, we also headed to Divoká voda in Čunovo for rafting, beach volleyball, and water sports. We also enjoyed an outdoor buffet in comfy chairs with a play place for the little ones while the adults sat back with a drink or explored the bar. Another team-building event close to our hearts is volunteering. Last September, our team volunteered to clean up school spaces for a week in Bratislava.

Some other favorite memories include:

  • Our annual Christmas party (an employee favorite)
  • Company beer evenings
  • Outings at our company cottage and hiking adventures
  • The GoHealth running team in its National Run debut in Devín (and running the Tatras to Danube Run this August!)
  • Competitive bowling and motor cart racing with new team members
  • Theatre outings

Beyond company-organized events, we encourage our employees to explore the world outside of Creatix. You’ll often find our workers sharing their travel experiences during our regular lunchtime presentations. Our exchange program with GoHealth in Chicago also gives team members the chance not only to meet the greater GoHealth family, but to create new memories.


We understand how important work-life balance is, which is why support it wholeheartedly. With Slovakia’s number of two-income households growing bigger by the year, we believe in supporting the whole family by giving our employees the best opportunities out there.

With expert training and professional development available, Creatix employees receive valuable exposure to sophisticated enterprise technologies, tools and processes. Our team members come to us from companies like Google and Intel; some are MIT graduates and others have 20+ years of IT experience. Employees get to work with the best, and our Mentoring and Buddy programs help them take advantage of our company talent and explore career growth opportunities. Creatix also helps our team members develop English-speaking skills with on-site lessons and travel opportunities.

At Creatix, we want our employees to become part of the company, not just work for it. Our team helps us define company rules, principles and culture. And we encourage employees to take the lead in meetings so they can voice their thoughts, share new ideas and contribute in a meaningful way.

In addition to our remote and flexible work opportunities, we welcome families at our offices. It’s not unusual to find smaller members of the Creatix team playing games in the company lounge while their parents finish up some last-minute work.

Ultimately, our goal is to push employees to excel while making sure they have fun at the same time. Here, you’re never a number on a spreadsheet, but part of a family who is excited to help you pursue your professional and personal goals.

Interested in learning more about joining us? Explore Creatix’s latest job openings.



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