Where Purpose Meets Professional Development

Does what you do each day make a difference?

It’s a question more software engineers are asking themselves as they decide where to build their careers. These workers can afford to be choosy — software developers are the most in demand of any role in the rapidly growing tech field. The U.S. alone has 255,000 developer jobs available, creating opportunities for workers around the globe.

While the chance to build their technical skills is appealing, many IT professionals are also looking to create technology that serves a greater purpose. A Kronos study found that nearly three in four workers say they need to know what their company stands for before joining, while more than half say their employer needs to have a strong mission. Companies that can deliver are often rewarded with employee loyalty. According to Deloitte, employees who have been on the job for more than five years are 40% more likely to say their company gives them a sense of purpose than those who left within two years.

As demand for healthcare workers continues to grow, many developers are recognizing it’s a great industry to do well professionally while also doing good. As part of healthcare leader GoHealth, Creatix’s team of software engineers spend their days doing meaningful work in the fast-growing alternative health insurance market. Our teams work side by side to power a platform that provides millions of people with affordable health insurance options. Here’s how working at Creatix can help you advance your own skills while creating technology that matters.

More professional development

From virtual doctor visits to insurance buying, the healthcare industry is going digital — and companies that prioritize innovation are leading the way. Talented workers are following, with millennial employment in healthcare growing 7% over the last year.

Recognized as an “early leader in the health insurance technology industry” by William Blair, GoHealth’s platform connects consumers with affordable coverage from major insurance companies at scale. From customer acquisition to ongoing support, GoHealth offers end-to-end integration across the entire lifecycle, helping more people find the coverage they need while driving acquisition and retention for carriers.

Since Creatix first partnered with GoHealth in 2015 to build its decision support tool, our two teams have collaborated seamlessly on creating high-functioning, reliable enterprise technology. On a daily basis, we work with:

Front-end technology stack

  • JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js
  • React, Redux, Angular, Knockout.js
  • Protractor, Karma, Jasmine

Server-side technology stack

  • Java, Groovy, Kotlin, Python
  • Spring Boot, Grails
  • Gradle, Docker, Jenkins, Terraform, AWS
  • Vault, Consul, Zookeeper
  • MySQL, Couchbase
  • Splunk, New Relic

If there’s a tool you’ve been itching to get your hands on as an engineer, chances are you’ll have the opportunity at Creatix. We constantly modernize our stack in a thoughtful and business-driven way, giving our engineers valuable exposure to the most advanced tools and processes as well as emerging technologies. We pride ourselves on experimentation and collaboration, pushing boundaries, and building and deploying software in a production environment — all while offering a chance to work alongside some of the industry’s brightest minds.

As our relationship with GoHealth expands, our engineers have even more opportunities to work on technology projects across the business, including customer acquisition, marketing automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data engineering and analytics.

More purpose

Beyond giving our workers the opportunity to sharpen their technical expertise, Creatix and GoHealth are committed operating in a purpose-driven way. More than one in 10 Americans — 27.4 million people — don’t have health insurance, leaving them vulnerable if sudden illness or injury strikes them or their family. Alternative plans offer an affordable insurance solution for many of these people, with the total market expected to grow to $5 billion in the next several years.

For our employees, a career at Creatix is a way to accelerate their development while taking satisfaction in building tech that makes a difference for millions of people. Since our acquisition in 2019, GoHealth has pledged to invest significantly in our growth so we can build a team equipped to handle growing demand for its services. With the healthcare industry showing no signs of slowing down, our employees have vast opportunities for professional growth — and personal fulfillment.