Why Family-Friendly Workplaces Are a Win for Everyone

Grueling sprints and all-night brainstorming sessions might be the typical image of the high-performing tech company. But forward-thinking companies know that a balanced, supportive culture is integral to the success of their employees and their organization.

For workers across Slovakia, work-life balance means taking family needs and priorities into account. The number of two-income households in Slovakia is on the rise: Sixty percent of women in the country are employed today, and women hold one-third of all managerial positions. As these professionals juggle personal and business responsibilities, companies are recognizing the need to promote family-friendly policies to attract top talent.

At Creatix, we strive to create an environment that supports the needs of workers and their families. Job flexibility, opportunities to advance alongside the brightest minds at hundred million-dollar companies, and professional development through exposure to bleeding-edge technologies are all part of the Creatix experience. That commitment to family also extends to our own team. Each member of our world-class software engineering team is part of the Creatix family, receiving hands-on training, support and feedback when needed to help them succeed. Here’s a closer look at why — and how — we put family first.

Creatix Family Day 2018

The rise of the family-friendly workplace

With IT talent in high demand, workers can afford to be choosy in their professional roles. Increasingly, these workers are choosing employers that offer the flexibility to stay home with a sick child or catch their son’s soccer game. Forty-eight percent of men and 60 percent of women say that an employer that prioritizes work-life balance is very important to them, according to a Gallup poll. And they’re willing to switch jobs to gain that balance. More than half of employees would leave their current role for a job that provides flex time, and 37 percent would leave for a job that offers remote working.

Family-friendly policies aren’t just good for employees, they’re good for organizations, too. By demonstrating concern for employees’ well-being, businesses reap the rewards of increased employee engagement and loyalty. The same Gallup poll found when employees are engaged at work, they’re 17 percent more productive, businesses are 21 percent more profitable, and customer metrics are 10 percent higher.

Creatix Family Day

Why family matters to us at Creatix

Building a company culture that supports our workers and their families is incredibly important to us at Creatix. We believe creating a close-knit environment promotes greater responsibility and pride among our workers, stronger friendships between team members, greater engagement and loyalty, and a more enjoyable place to work each day. Our employee tenure helps tell the story: Once team members join Creatix, they stay for years. Here’s how we’ve built an environment that gives workers and their families the balance and support they need.

Flexible schedules. Unsurprisingly, 84 percent of parents say that scheduling flexibility is the most important factor in a job, according to Forbes. Fortunately, flexibility is part of our DNA. As part of U.S.-based GoHealth and partner to many other U.S.-based companies, every project requires flexible scheduling to meet the needs of globally distributed team members. Clear communication about priorities, timelines and deliverables helps us make the most of each hour of the day. Employees have the freedom to arrange their schedules around children’s doctors appointments or other family needs, and it’s not uncommon to see children playing in our lounge or enjoying a game on a tulibag while Mom or Dad gets work done. Our employees are also free to work remotely when they choose: We focus less on whether employees are in the office, and more on whether they’re meeting their goals.

Caring for the whole employee. Research shows that employees who feel fully supported at work are happier, more productive and more likely to stay with their companies long-term. In addition to respecting our workers’ own families, we want them to feel like part of a family when they’re on the clock, too. We prize collaboration in every aspect of our work, providing training and feedback and taking the time to celebrate key wins as a team. To help our employees carve out time for themselves, we also offer weekly yoga classes and English lessons in the office, subsidized gym memberships, a fully stocked kitchen, and a chillout zone and games to unwind at work.

Competitive career opportunities. As workers raise children, we believe one of the best things we can provide to support their families is access to well-paying, stable career opportunities. At Creatix, our employees receive valuable exposure to the most advanced enterprise technologies, tools and processes. Our partnership with GoHealth, which works with well-known enterprises like United Healthcare, Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield to connect consumers to affordable healthcare coverage, enables employees to level up their technical expertise. Through their work with GoHealth and our partnerships with other high-tech clients, our team members have the opportunity each day to learn new tools, platforms and skills. We also conduct regular salary evaluations and discuss long-term career goals with team members to recognize and reward good performance.

As we continue to grow as a company, we’ll continue to strive for a family-friendly environment that promotes work-life balance for every team member. If you’re interested in joining a team that supports your professional and personal growth, explore the latest job openings at Creatix.