The THINKER THURSDAYS ‘Zine: The Lost Eagle’s Nest Edition

A quick catalyst to orient your week a bit more on reading, connecting, and reflecting (Feb. 20'21)

Here’s the latest edition of my weekly ‘zine, THINKER THURSDAYS, a short newsletter exploring one topic from three angles: 3 topical articles, 2 TED talks, and 1 original reflection piece.

Something to think about…

The challenges of empathy and the urge to “help” after a natural disaster are weighty. As I type, another tragedy of extreme weather rocks our nation. I’m weighing how my family can help… responsibly.

It is an impulse catalyzed by the recent loss of a bald eagle family’s nest. It is an answer that isn’t easy to sort out.


(i) TED Blog | Sending clothes or supplies in response to a disaster? Don’t. Send cash to credible charities.

(ii) Volunteer Match | 5 ways to help communities affected by hurricanes (And other natural disasters).

(iii) Habitat for Humanity | The story of how Jimmy Carter has transformed the culture of charitable housing.


(i) TEDxBoston 2012 | Tornado survivors and sisters Caitria & Morgan O’Neill share their story and introduce smartphone-based solutions to sort recovery.

(ii) TED@UPS 2018 | UPS humanitarian operations expert Dale Herzog describes the havoc caused by “help” after natural disasters and tragedies.


(i) A lost eagle nest and helping hands.

Thinking with you…!


Founder & Grateful Host
Read. Connect. Reflect.

A weekly practice each Thursday of reading (a real book), connecting (with a thinker), and reflecting (pen on paper).

P.S. Last week’s edition is here. Feel free to share THINKER THURSDAYS with friends who may appreciate our shared weekly practice. Folks can join the list here.

What is the story behind this ‘zine?

A bit ago, I decided to email some friends each Thursday morning with a note — encouraging deeper weekly thinking in the form of reading, connecting, and reflecting. It caught on quickly and now around the world people receive THINKER THURSDAYS. They share it with their companies, families, and friends. Amazing! “Something to think about…”



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