The THINKER THURSDAYS ‘Zine: The Small Business Survival Edition

A quick catalyst to orient your week a bit more on reading, connecting, and reflecting (Jan. 21'21)

Here’s the latest edition of my weekly ‘zine, THINKER THURSDAYS, a short newsletter exploring one topic from three angles: 3 topical articles, 2 TED talks, and 1 original reflection piece.

Something to think about…

A recent Montana wind storm taught me some survival lessons — as both a Covid-refugee out west and a small business owner. Among them, the importance of staying in your zone, the importance of relationships, and the value of emphasizing long term growth.


(i) New York Times | The NYT looks back at the 2008 Great Recession for ways that businesses can repurpose some survival lessons.

(ii) Inc. | This article explores 5 habits of quality-focused companies and why superior execution is often at the heart of small business success

(iii) Entrepreneur | Pandemic survival involves more than just pivots and budgets. This writer rounds out the list with the topic of leader self care.


(i) TED@BCG London 2015 | World Economic Forum’s Knut Haanaes shares two reasons companies fail — and how to avoid them.

(ii) TED@BCG Paris 2016 | Boston Consulting Group’s Jim Hemerling, introduces 5 ways to lead in an era of constant change.


(i) Some survival truths that a big Montana storm taught my small business.

Thinking with you…!


Founder & Grateful Host
Read. Connect. Reflect.

A weekly practice each Thursday of reading, connecting, and reflecting.

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What is the story behind this ‘zine?

A bit ago, I decided to email some friends each Thursday morning with a note encouraging deeper weekly thinking in the form of reading, connecting, and reflecting. It caught on quickly and now around the world people receive THINKER THURSDAYS. They share it with their companies, families, and friends each week. Amazing! Something to think about…



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