Thinkers Technologies on Data, Smart Cities and Tech Ecosystem

This Friday and Saturday Thinkers Technologies Ltd’s CEO Mr. Ng’winula P. Kingamkono, will be joining a handful of innovators as one of the main speakers at the Sahara Sparks 2017 tech conference that will focus on smart solutions.

Since it’s inception in 2016 as a professional consultation and software development firm, Thinkers Technologies has been complementing the Tanzanian Tech ecosystem by combining Research, Data and Human centered design to create solutions that target social impact in urbanization, health, education and energy. Thinkers Tech has built impactful and functional Mobile/Computer applications & software running in computers, tablets, phones and watches to facilitate the advancement of smart cities and smart solutions agenda.

In this talk, Thinkers Tech CEO — Mr, Kingamkono will emphasis his concern on “how we can all contribute to the tech ecosystem” and discuss his findings and invented solutions that supports Smart Cities but also his company’s success in building products that contributes to assisting Tanzanians in making informed and real time decision using the most common and affordable technologies available in the country.

Kingamkono, CEO/Cofounder at Thinkers Tech

He will also pitch Kokote” a mobile app that will transform how you acquire your next home by practically innovating to simplify the stressful process of getting a house in Dar es Salaam; Mr. Kingamkono said

We are looking to change practices in the real estate and informal housing sector and this will directly improve the standard of living by providing settlement options for people through affordability, speed and convenience

As Dar es salaam is valued the number one real estate market in East Africa with a 12 Billion USD market value, Thinkers Technologies will also be looking for investors to join hands with in solving a socio-economic challenge of undocumented settlements in an attempt to contribute in making Dar es Salaam a smart city but more importantly in exploring business and economic profits that underlies within.

Mr. Kingamkono’s will speak on both days of the Sahara 2017 tech conference at Mlimani city conference hall, Friday 9:00am and Saturday from 1:00pm, Thinkers Tech says “all we want is to create”. Come join and learn how you can be a part of this growing family of passionate Techies.