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Why our collaboration with Southern New Hampshire University is so exciting

Starting today all Thinkful graduates will be eligible for transfer credits to Southern New Hampshire University. This reflects the track record Thinkful has established getting students great jobs and it is another important step in taking students from learning to earning.

It’s a big win for Thinkful students because it provides them more options. SNHU is the largest not-for-profit majority online institution in the country serving over 150,000 students, primarily online. Most importantly, SNHU shares Chegg’s values: they’ve led the higher education market in lowering the cost of education while making top-rated degree programs that fit into adult’s busy lives. Together we’ll offer more students more paths to in-demand careers.

When we founded Thinkful our products were tossed aside into a bucket called “Alternative Education”. In those days it was the exception to hear students demand from their school a job after graduation. Now, in 2020, that’s the norm — and the world isn’t going back. But there’s still a long way to go. Many employers still require degrees, and millions of people trust degrees as a proven path to the job market. We’re not ones to wait on change so we’re offering students the best of both worlds: complete our program and go directly into a job or continue on to complete a fantastic SNHU degree program, or do both (get a job and complete a degree alongside it).

Here’s how it works: First, it’s open to all current and future Thinkful students in Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Data Science, and Bloc’s Web Developer Track. Thinkful Data Science grads will earn 12 credits and place out of two core courses towards a Master’s in Data Analytics that requires 36 credits, while all other programs grant 18 credits towards a Bachelor’s that requires 120. Our Data Analytics program will transfer credit to a Bachelor’s of Science in Data Analytics, representing between 1–2 semesters of credits, while our Engineering program (Immersion, Flex, and Bloc) will transfer credits to a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science

We’ve always measured success by how well our graduates do on the job market, outcomes we’ve been publishing publicly, transparently, and proudly since 2015. Today we advance that mission, and it’s only possible because SNHU works tirelessly to put students first and accelerate the inevitable, just like us.

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Darrell Silver

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